Size Guide


Your ring should be comfortable to wear. Please keep in mind that our fingers change in size throughout the day and are greatly affected by temperature fluctuations. It is best to measure your finger size at room temperature.

What is my ring size?

If you know your size in another recognised sizing system or the inner diameter you can use this conversion chart:

Ring Size Conversion Chart-01.jpg

Measure a ring that fits.

If you have a ring that fits the same finger - great! ...Use the printable size guide:


If you don't have access to a printer you may find helpful.

Visit your local jeweller.

Most jewellers will measure your ring size for free using a professional ring sizer.


Lunar Bracelet Sizes (Inside circumference).

Small: 185mm

Medium: 198mm

Large: 210mm

What is my bracelet size?

To find your size use a flexible tape measure or print the bracelet size guide below. Regardless of which method you use please read the bracelet size guide.


If you require a bracelet in a different size please get in touch.